Why Does The PH Value Of Fish Tank Drop Quickly? How To Solve It?

1. Water source problem

The ph value of the fish tank may drop because of the water source. Usually the water source is tap water, the ph of this water is around 7, so it is not likely to fluctuate a lot. However, if you use other water sources instead of tap water, the ph may be lowered after being polluted.

2.Filter material problem

The ph drop caused by the filter material is the most common, and the situation is divided into many kinds. The first is the aging of the filter material causes it to release acid, which needs to replace the aging filter material, but also pay attention to the feeding density. The second is too much filter material and placed in an unreasonable position, which requires attention to drainage, batch scalding filter material, and add coral sand.

3. Water quality deterioration

Water quality deterioration is generally due to the water change is not diligent or too little water change caused by, although too much water change will stimulate the fish body, but too little will not be able to change the effect of the water, the water will gradually deteriorate, the viscosity increases, and even in the water surface bubbles, and then will explode bacteria. Want to solve must be a regular water change, a third of all weekly change.

4. Feeding too much

Usually, feeding too much will lead to a decline in water quality, but if the nitrification system in the water is strong enough to produce ammonia nitrogen are converted into nitrate, which will lead to an increase in its content, which leads to a lower ph. This requires adding coral sand and also reducing the amount of food fed in general.