Food size and selection rules of ornamental fish

The choice of food for ornamental fish is not only a matter of palatability, but also whether it will pollute the water quality, whether it will be lost, whether it will choke the ornamental fish, how to quickly cultivate interaction, and whether it will lead to diseases and nutrition. Therefore, the choice of food for ornamental fish is actually very important. Some of them can be matched at will, and some may require specific food and some feeding methods.

Feeding fish

If only feeding fish feed, how to choose large, medium and small particles, is the bigger the better?

Most fish feeds will have three kinds of granules, large, medium and small to choose from. In addition, there are patches or micro-granules, which are almost close to powder. It stands to reason that we can choose according to the size of the mouth of the ornamental fish. It is best for small fish to use powdered pellet feed, or crush the pellet feed for feeding, press it into medium pellet feed, and adult fish can choose large pellet feed. Pellets, as for nutrients, that is another matter, it is best to feed them with a variety of feeds. Then, if the small fish are fed with large pellets, this need not be said. If they can’t eat it, there will be a lot of residual bait left, which will pollute the water quality.

feeding fish

Can medium and large ornamental fish be fed small pellet feed?

This varies from fish to fish, some ornamental fish can, and some can’t. Because they can’t eat at all, the feed is too small, and they are not interested at all. Therefore, small particle fish food is not completely suitable for medium and large ornamental fish. However, medium pellet fish feed can be fed. If we need to cultivate their interactivity, or we don’t want them to overeat and cause abdominal distension, it can reduce the size of the feed pellets by a grade, and they will also get smaller meals and more meals. The effect is even more conducive to fostering interactivity.

Regarding the issue of ups and downs of feed, I have already talked about it before. The difference is not very big, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can choose according to our own ornamental fish habits. For ornamental fish such as bottom dwellers, we can choose sinking feed. Many Under these circumstances, we all need to effectively improve and adjust according to the different growth stages and mouth size of the fry.