The aquarium lights on the fish tank have the functions of lighting and beauty and raising different fish.

led aquarium lighting
There are special lighting equipment. According to the type of lamps and the way of use, they can be divided into:
1. Pendant lamp 2. Upper lamp 3. Aluminum alloy high reflector lamp, etc.;

aquarium lights

The types of led aquarium lighting can be distinguished as follows:

1. Plant breeding lamp: rich in clear light color (400~500nm) and light yellow color (600~700nm), it is most suitable for water (mosaic) plants and general tropical fish lighting
2. 6500k sunlight tube: replace sunlight to get blue (452nm), green (543nm), and red (611nm) three spectrums, suitable for aquatic plants, corals, marine fish,
3. 14000k powerful solar halogen lamp: 14000k aquarium light full spectrum halogen lamp completely imitates natural sunlight, providing the best lighting for aquatic plants, seaweed, and sea anemones and setting off the bright colors of fish
4. Blue light tube: The special blue spectrum (452nm) is most suitable for the lighting of marine fish, coral reef creatures…etc.